What happens now?

Trying to answer your questions: Supporters of Baltimore Clayworks -- including students, artists, former trustees, teachers, (now unemployed) staff, and friends -- gathered Saturday at the Randallstown library to talk about the closing, the announced bankruptcy filing, and what might happen in the future. We greatly appreciate the information that Clayworks Community Campaign attorney Douglas … Continue reading What happens now?

Suggestion for Students, Artists

Update to this post as of 6pm Wednesday 7/19: Baltimore Clayworks published information on times and procedures to retrieve your personal property. The details are published here: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Clayworks-Patrons--Pick-Up---Return-of-Artwork---Personal-Items.html?soid=1102424019745&aid=DYa3hnpVIxU Since the Board announced it would pursue bankruptcy and closed the doors, many of us and many of you are unable to remove our personal property, including finished … Continue reading Suggestion for Students, Artists