1. A group of 27 Clayworks stakeholders (students, founders, artists, associates) met yesterday at the JCC. All agreed it was a productive meeting, with an open and informative discussion, and collaborative plans for next steps. The Petition Campaign is the immediate priority for all, while the Steering Committee makes progress on our fund-raising and governance/finance programs.
  2. As of 3pm today — 24 hours after it went “live” online — our Petition has been signed by 156 individuals. This is great news. Keep up the good work, everyone!
  3. Participants at the meeting raised questions about launching our fund-raising effort until the March 16 Board of Trustees meeting, or until the Board confirms answers to the Founders’ proposal to assure programming in the Studio Building throughout 2017, and to remove the Studio Building (at least) from the proposed sale. If the Board’s response is positive, we will launch fund-raising to support operations at that time. In the interim we are considering a “pledge” campaign with no funds changing hands until and unless the fund-raising program is launched. We will keep you informed.
  4. Please email your suggestions for future Board of Trustees nominations to Pat Halle or to communityclayworks@gmail.com.
  5. We are preparing a detailed presentation for the March 16 Board meeting, along with Petition results, as to the reasons and research behind our position.
  6. We have added an open Discussion page to our website and welcome comments about the Community Campaign and Clayworks. Visit the page here.

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