Attention: Friends of Clayworks:
We know that Board members are reading our website and feeling the pressure of our Petition Campaign. You have done a great job in spreading the word. At this moment we have collected 482 online signatures, plus many hard copy petitions. Now we’re asking you to take a minute to provide more support.
Please add a comment on the website’s DISCUSSION page. These comments will be part of our presentation to the Board on March 16th. We want them to hear your opinions. Please — do it now. Go to and write a sentence or two in the “Leave a Reply” box.
Thank you!
— Marsha Smelkinson

5 thoughts on “482 and More!

  1. I am a psychiatrist in Mt Washington, and a resident here. While not a potter myself, many friends, patients, have found Clayworks to be a center of peace, purpose, creativity and self renewal. I understand the building was initially a public library built with funds from the Carnegie Foundation and another family for the public good, and then the building was repurposed, and has became source of renewal for many people– a place of art, craft, and soulful experiences. The buildings sit on the edge of the city, and the edge of the Mt Washington village, as a place of art and repose for many, part urban and part wooded.
    Places have their own spirit–I hope that the decision will be to keep the spirit and purpose of Clayworks in our Village, for the artists, and students, for the people who work and live in Mt Washington , and those who come to visit.


  2. Baltimore is a City of traditions and keeping Baltimore Clayworks in its Mt. Washington location is key to its continued vitality and contribution to Baltomre’s clay artisan community and its supporters.


  3. Clay works is indeed a central player in the Mt Washington community. The village would be incomplete without it. The services provided by the center are integral to the community. Please do not take it away from us!


  4. Baltimore Clayworks has evolved as a Mount Washington community based art centre. It is in that regard like a Historic Social Landmark. To move it out of Mount Washington is to remove a sense of history and identity. It’s equivalent to taking the “Clayworks” out of Baltimore Clayworks, it doesn’t feel right and it will never be the same. Please don’t destroy this place.


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