It is now exactly 7 days since the Community meeting at the JCC, when we launched the Petition and detailed our strategies to folks who love and care about Baltimore Clayworks. What has happened?

  • 522 individuals have signed the Petition online, plus at least 25 have signed paper copies, declaring among other things:
  • “I support the campaign that will do everything within its power to forestall, block or prevent a sale at this time.”
  • We have made preparations to launch a desperately-needed fund-raising effort to sustain the status quo in programs and operations, negotiating the necessary cooperation of Baltimore Clayworks, Inc. to assure that donations will receive appropriate 501(c)3 charitable donation treatment.
  • We have made it clear that this campaign will not be launched as agreed until at least March 17, and will depend on the response received from the Board to our requests.
  • As requested by Board President Kathy Holt, we have proposed names of highly-qualified individuals to be added to the Board’s Task Force charged with review of potential sale and relocation proposals. We understand that the Task Force will meet this week (Wed. March 8). To date one person we proposed has been added to the Task Force roster. We are unaware if the other individuals have been contacted by the Board representative.
  • We have secured commitment of at least 15 minutes for the Clayworks Community Campaign to present the Petition results and other recommendations to the full Board prior to their (closed) meeting on March 16, 2017.

Working hard …. doing good … keeping at it. Thanks for all your support.


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