The Clayworks Community Campaign will address the Board of Trustees this Thursday, March 16, prior to their (closed) executive meeting. Our first order of business will be to present the dramatic results of our Petition Campaign — now at over 700 signers representing all segments of the Clayworks community and its supporters.

Your voice will be heard.

We have had several meetings and conversations with individual Board members in the last few days, resulting in some progress — fund-raising plans, clarification of the financial issues, status of the real estate sale process undertaken by the Trustees, and identification of resources (expertise, counsel, proposed Board members) willing to help Baltimore Clayworks navigate through this difficult time.

We have opened channels of communication among all parties who have expressed commitment to working together.

We will know more after Thursday night’s meeting, and will update our Community as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please visit the Discussion page, read what others have shared, and contribute your own remarks.

I hope you will also visit the new exhibitions recently opened at the Gallery, enjoy your classes (Spring II classes start in early April), spread the word about Summer Camps and other Family/Youth programs, and make plans to attend the Clayworks Bash/Auction on Saturday, April 22.

— Marsha Smelkinson, member of the Clayworks Community Campaign


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