At the specific request of those who attended the meeting on Saturday afternoon, following are the email addresses of members of the Board of Trustees, along with “talking points” that summarize the consensus of community opinion. We encourage everyone who is able to compose your own message(s) to these individuals.

I support the proposals made by the Community Campaign for immediate changes by the Board of Trustees, including:

  1. Expansion of the Board as soon as possible, to include individuals who are immediately prepared to contribute their valuable skills to resolving the crisis and moving forward in the best interests of Baltimore Clayworks.
  2. This community is ready and willing to raise funds that may enable us to deal  with immediate cash flow issues, major debt obligations, and relationships with the lenders.
  3. The sale of buildings is a major decision that the community must participate in. The proposal is that any such action must be reviewed by the Board and authorized by a 2/3-majority vote.

(Note: Here is a link to the email correspondence between Rima Semaan and Mary Blair, including the Campaign’s specific proposals, and the replies by the Acting E.D.: Here is a link to the Suggested Board Members list provided to the Board.)

Most importantly, I am very concerned that this enormous and impactful decision about the future of Baltimore Clayworks not be made in precipitous haste, and that it be informed by the input of the community that cherishes this organization.

I want to help save the Baltimore Clayworks that means so much to so many. It is not a question of saving buildings. It is a question of saving the organization from an uncertain or even disastrous future.

I also agree that a change in leadership of the Board and in the office of the Acting E.D. should be made as soon as possible. The current leadership has demonstrated inability to communicate, to manage and to lead. The damage they are causing to the reputation and vitality of Baltimore Clayworks is increasing day by day, and must be reversed immediately.


The addresses of the Board members are listed at the end of this message.


Here is a link to the 2-hour video of the discussions at the Sunday 3/25 Clayworks Community Campaign meeting. The quality of this 2-hour video leaves much to be desired, but for those who could not attend, it does provide a look at the very informative and active discussions:

Email addresses — Board of Trustees

Kathryn Holt <>

D’Ann Schneider <>

Kathleen Basham <>

Kari Kelly <>

Susan Vernon <>

Linda Riach <>

Ellen Schaeffer <>

Steve Hulbert < >

Thomas Pozefsky <>

Nancy Nasrallah <>

Kevin Apperson <>

Jim Turnbull <>

Warren Anderson <>

(Acting E.D.) Mary Blair <>

Please cc your email messages to:

(Community Campaign)


We encourage you to share your thoughts in the “Leave a Reply” section, or on the “Discussion” page of this website.


One thought on “Report – Saturday 3/25 Meeting

  1. Hey, gang.

    We talked about buying Bash tickets at the meeting on Saturday. This link worked for me today. Let me know if you have trouble.

    You can also call the switchboard: (410) 578-1919.

    The member price is only $50 this year, so if you can, please ask your friends to come. We really need the Bash to be a huge success.

    Also, the EVENTS committee is meeting at my house this Wednesday at 5:30. If you can help, please come! RSVP to this email, so I have enough snacks (and beer, wine, chocolate)

    Specifically, the Bash Auction needs:

    1. Sponsors of $500 or more 2. Advance ticket sales to cover upfront expenses 3. Auction items, both large and small 4. Does anybody have any vacation property they can donate for a week or weekend? Frequent flier miles? A day on the Bay? Be creative! 5. Restaurant gift certificates for the Year of Dining raffle.

    If you need the “ask” forms or any other materials, just shout.

    Thanks! For real.


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