Here is important information for you. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more details.

  1. We were so concerned about the announced vote by the Baltimore Clayworks, Inc.  (BCI) Board related to an offer to purchase the buildings in Mt Washington, that we retained counsel  to try to slow down or postpone any sale, and try to have productive discussions with BCI focused on solving the financial problems and keeping BCI at its Mt. Washington campus.
  1. Yesterday, our attorneys prepared and filed a court action and requested the court to postpone any sale of the two BCI buildings on Smith Avenue.
  1. During a conference call late Thursdaymorning (4/6/17) between the court, BCI officials and our attorneys, BCI explained they had received only a “Letter of Intent” from an interested purchaser who wanted to undertake a study before entering into a purchase/sale contract.  The court requested, and BCI did in fact confirm to the Court, that there was no pending contract for the BCI to enter into, and further that there would not be any contract through at least the end of next week (4/10 – 4/14).
  1. As our attorneys were focused initially on “preserving the status quo” to allow us time to address other financial issues, and the court’s confirmation from BCI of no pending contract, the court was satisfied there was no pending emergency that had to be addressed today, and scheduled another conference late next week on the financial and other issues that we are concerned about.
  1. Our attorneys also explained in our court papers the requirement that BCI must give 60 day advance notice to the Board of Public Works before transferring the BCI buildings.  BCI confirmed to the Court it was aware of this requirement and intended to comply with it.
  1. We are setting up an escrow account to collect contributions to cover legal fees from like-minded members and others in the community who share our concern and goal for saving BCI in Mt. Washington.

Meanwhile, make pots, keep in touch, and stay optimistic that we will keep our home in Mt. Washington while we plan together for a strong future.


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