Here is an example of text you may want to use (see below), Please edit to include your contact information, or compose your own message. But please do it as soon as possible! Thank you.

Who to send it to?  We suggest you send to the Board of Public Works members, as well as any or all of your elected representatives (click here for complete address, phone and email information):

Board of Public Works, State of Maryland
80 Calvert St, Room 117, Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Members of the Board of Public Works:

Please also contact your elected representatives. Complete contact info is available here.

  • Delegate Samuel (Sandy) Rosenberg
  • City Counciman Issac “Yitzy” Schleifer
  • State Senator Bobby Zirkin
  • U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin
  • U.S. Senator Christopher Van Hollen Jr.
  • U.S. Representative John Sarbanes
  • Del. Angela Gibson
  • Del. Bilal Ali
  • Del. Nick J. Mosby
  • Mayor Catherine Pugh
  • City Council President Bernard C. (Jack) Young
  • County Executive Kevin Kamenetz
  • Vicki Almond, Baltimore County Council
  • Representative C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger
  • Governor Lawrence Hogan Jr
  • Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland
  • Brian E. Frosh, Maryland Attorney General

COPY and PASTE, then customize and send. Or compose your own message:

Please investigate the current situation at Baltimore Clayworks, Inc., a non-profit that serves thousands of Maryland residents including myself.

What we see is unfortunate mismanagement and poor oversight since 2014. The Board of Trustees has accumulated debt and possibly misled donors of private and public funds. Now the Board is taking steps to sell our valuable buildings (on Smith Ave. in Mount Washington). I urge you to investigate:

  • Have obligations and assurances to the State, the City, and the County (from bond bills and arts program grants) been met?
  • Was public funding allocated appropriately?
  • Are there restrictions on disposition of the assets supported by these funds?
  • How will the sale of these buildings affect the services provided — to the membership, to the neighboring communities, and to the underserved communities that Clayworks works with?
This sale is NOT necessary. I am part of the Clayworks Community Campaign which has quickly raised significant funds to rescue the organization, and rebuild it. The Board has ignored and dismissed us.
We ask for your help. Please intercede to protect the interests of your constituents and the diverse communities that are served by Baltimore Clayworks.
Please consult our website at for more information, and contact me directly with your answers. Please do not abandon us, as the current Board and leadership have done.


One thought on “Please Write Letters

  1. Thanks for the prompt to send letters, as well as the template. I sent a personal note to Sandy Rosenberg — we’ve known each other a long time.

    I also sent messages to Comptroller, Attorney General, Mayor, and Senator Sarbanes. On April 3 I wrote to Bill Gilmore at BOPA.

    I’ve not yet contributed to the Community’s collection of funds yet, but will as soon as my tax return arrives. Not sure how to do that, so I’d love to know the process. (NOTE: Pledge instructions coming soon!)

    Thanks for your eloquence and leadership,


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