Following are links to presentation documents and a full video stream of the May 2 Capital Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee Briefing on Baltimore Clayworks:


Delegates Sandy Rosenberg, Bilal Ali, Maggie McIntosh, Adrienne Jones, Angela Gibson, Shelly Hettleman and others asked probing questions of representatives from the Board of Trustees and the Clayworks Community Campaign, which made presentations as well.

At the request of Del. Rosenberg, the Board was asked to invite MANO (Maryland Association of Non-profit Organizations) to provide mediation and consulting services to involve the trustees as well as the multiple constituencies of Baltimore Clayworks.

You may also be interested to know that neighborhood resident and real estate professional Sid Emmer has made an offer to purchase the Gallery Building/Parking Lot and lease the building back to Clayworks at $1 per year for 2 years. This offer has the potential to resolve the “financial exigencies” facing the organization without further disruption to the programs operated here in Mt. Washington and at satellite programs elsewhere in Baltimore, and to allow time for necessary restructuring, fund-raising, and strategic planning for the future. The Board was asked to consider this offer and report decisions to the Delegates.

You may also be interested in these links:

Baltimore needs a strong Clayworks, op-ed by Fred Lazarus, President Emeritus of M.I.C.A.

Delegates urge dialogue, Baltimore Sun report on the May 2 briefing.

Presentations by  Clayworks Community: Cynthia Kammann, Susan Patz, Marsha Smelkinson

Documents provided to Delegates in the Briefing Packet

Discussion page on Clayworks Community website.

Facebook page: Save Baltimore Clayworks

We welcome your input as well. Please email


2 thoughts on “What Happened in Annapolis?

  1. Thank you to everyone working on behalf of this campaign. I hope someday I can meet and thank you personally. The preparation for, and outcome of, this meeting in Annapolis is another tangible expression of the essence of what the Clayworks community has meant to so many of us over the years. May the strength of our vision for Clayworks build and coalesce in the days, months and years ahead.


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