Dear Friends,

Late this afternoon, we were informed by the Maryland Department of General Services that “… the contract [for the sale of the Clayworks property] will be submitted tomorrow.”

We believe this means that the Board has approved a contract to sell both Baltimore Clayworks buildings, and that this contract will be announced soon.

This is obviously distressing information, as it comes before the meetings that Maryland Nonprofits Inc. were in the process of arranging between members of the Clayworks Community and representatives of the Board of Trustees. These facilitated dialogue meetings were initiated at the suggestion of Delegate Sandy Rosenberg at the May 2 Briefing called by Delegate Maggie McIntosh (Chair of the House Appropriations Committee) and Delegate Adrienne Jones (Chair of the Capital Subcommittee).

Representatives of the Board of Trustees had met with the facilitators last week, and Clayworks Community steering committee members met with them on May 17. The joint meetings were to begin as early as next week.

We will keep you informed of the next steps by this Campaign. We are not giving up, and we will continue to pursue the goal of saving Baltimore Clayworks in the weeks ahead.

So …. as the saying goes, “it’s not over until the fat lady sings .” It is not over yet.

Please feel welcome to address your suggestions and comments to us at, post them on our website Discussion page , and on our Save Clayworks Facebook page (


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