Why is there no hot water in the Studio Building?

The hot water heater died during the week of May 8. Last week members of the Clayworks Campaign (individual students) took up a collection to pay for a new hot water heater to be purchased and installed.We offered to pay the vendor(s) directly. Staff asked us to hold the funds until they selected a vendor and installer and advised us of the cost. We understand that the installer has been identified, and we are awaiting specifics re delivery of funds. We hope to see to it that the equipment is installed and hot water restored in short order. Thanks to all who stepped up with contributions and help.

Do we know who the proposed buyer is?

We have heard that the proposed buyer is a non-profit organization. That is of little consequence to us, and we have no quarrel with a potential buyer.

We believe that the Baltimore Clayworks buildings in Mount Washington are central to the organization’s well-being, and are preferable to any other imagined location. The specialized equipment, accessible and central location, beautiful and welcoming neighborhood surroundings all are difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. It is not surprising that other organizations would want the opportunity to own such a beautiful home.

It may be that the sale of the Gallery Building would be necessary in order to return the organization to financial stability in light of the severe revenue declines of the past few years. Because the current and recent leadership have chosen not to be transparent about the specific financial conditions, it is impossible for us to say. All they have disclosed is that current debts total over $1 million. Why did the Board elect to ignore the offer from Sid Emmer ($800,000 plus a two-year leaseback at $1 per year), which combined with community fund-raising would have solved the debt problem? Good question.

What is happening with the “facilitated dialogue”?

After DGS informed the Campaign that it was expecting to receive a contract of sale on Friday, the facilitators reconvened with Board representatives. They have since informed us that the Board wishes to meet “to present their plans.” At this point, dialog meetings have not been re-scheduled.

We are seeking feedback from the Delegates who initiated the recommendation of joint meetings with Maryland Nonprofits so that we could “disarm” and “work together.” We remain willing to enter such dialogs in good faith if the Board will share the goal of working together.

If a sale has been or will soon be executed irrespective of the dialog, we would question if the Delegates’ request can indeed be met.

About this Website

At our preliminary meetings with the facilitators, it was suggested that “taking down” this website would be helpful in creating an atmosphere for positive dialog. We agreed to make our website “go dark” days before the next “facilitated dialogue” meeting would occur. Now that the next meeting is not scheduled, we will continue to operate and post on this website until the talks are resumed.


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