Following is the message sent Tuesday to the facilitators at Maryland Nonprofits, Inc. expressing our hopes that the opportunity for dialogue will not be abandoned:

From Sue Patz of the Clayworks Community Campaign:

I am following up on our phone conversation yesterday, Monday afternoon (5/22). 

Understanding that this is a confusing situation and none of us knows what is happening with the contract to sell both buildings, we are writing to clarify our position as the Clayworks Community Campaign regarding the “facilitated dialogue” with the Board of Trustees.  

1 — We are willing to participate in meetings at Maryland Nonprofits if the Board of Trustees will confirm that no sales contract has been signed, and that no sales contract will be signed during the facilitated meetings.

2 — Alternately, we are willing to participate in mediation with the Board of Trustees, again with confirmation that no sales contract will be executed until and unless the mediator decision includes such approval. If Maryland Nonprofits is not prepared to provide formal mediation services, we have other mediators to suggest, respected retired judges and experienced mediators.

3 — In the event that Baltimore Clayworks, Inc. is unwilling to enter either of these scenarios, we will invite them to present their plans and considerations to the Clayworks Community in an open public forum.  In this way, all constituencies and other interested parties may hear what the next steps are, and provide feedback as appropriate. Perhaps you would consider facilitating this kind of meeting.

These possible directions represent no change from what we presented at the May 2 meeting in Annapolis, and indeed no change from what we have consistently requested — a pause in the rush to sell before additional dialogue can occur, and open disclosure by the Board and Executive Director of what they are doing and why. 

Please present these points to your “client,” and provide us with the answer as to which direction they elect, so that next meetings may be scheduled with appropriate participants. If Maryland Nonprofits is not to be involved in facilitating dialog (1) or mediation (2), we will thank you for your efforts and ask that you report back to Delegates Rosenberg, McIntosh and the others who participated in the May 2 meeting. 

Thank you very much.

Sue Patz


Additional note to this post:

We have previously indicated that our website will “go dark” the first day that meetings at Maryland Nonprofits begin. We will stick by that commitment.

We sincerely hope that the Board of Trustees will join in these discussions.


One thought on “We want to “mediate”

  1. I have not posted to the Community Campaign’s website in the past, and I am doing so this morning in passionate response to the new post about mediation. This seems like an extremely reasonable and thoughtful way for ALL who care about Clayworks to proceed. There is no downside for the artists, students, collectors, the Board of Directors, and the Mt. Washington community–and truly ALL of Baltimore and ALL of those involved in the field of ceramics–who benefit from and depend on Baltimore Clayworks’ existence.

    Without question, THOUSANDS of people, citizens of our city and citizens of the US are affected by Clayworks’ survival. Let’s try to solve Clayworks’ financial issues TOGETHER. Mediation is a time honored way of resolving differences. This ceramic village can come together to strengthen the fragile treasure that is Baltimore Clayworks.

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