News reports this week regarding the (now-withdrawn) contract for sale of Clayworks’ buildings and the possible bankruptcy of the corporation include some quotes and statements from “Interim Executive Director” Powell, to which we will withhold comment for now. We are focusing on other important efforts and are hoping to bridge the divide to re-engage with the Board of Trustees in a collaborative solution for Baltimore Clayworks.

This Campaign made clear from the outset that all individual contributors had final say over whether, and under what circumstances, their respective contributions would be released to Baltimore Clayworks. We re-confirm that we will honor the terms and conditions of the original solicitation. We currently have $200,000 in hand and significantly more is pledged to be on the way. 

We want to SAVE Clayworks: that has always been and remains our goal and focus. We are continuing our earnest efforts to do so, and thank the over 1,000 of you for your trust in us and your support.


3 thoughts on “Message to Community

  1. Our opportunity to save Baltimore Clayworks may happen due to the capable leadership skill of this Community Group. While you will withhold comment for now of quotes by the interim director, I must question the leadership quality of the interim director; if his quotes in the Jewish Times were transcribed accurately, he clearly has a problem speaking diplomatically. Why has the Board of Trustees selected this man to lead this long standing and respected arts institution when he
    1. appears lacking higher standards of holding himself accountable for words/actions,
    2. continues to make excuses,
    3. blames others for things out of his control,
    4. appears lacking strong moral values preventing others to identify with its leader,
    5. appears lacking sincerity and honesty in all his contacts,
    6. appears unable to be charming to inspire likability in others who work around him. People like to work with people they like.
    I would like to ask this same question of each Board of Trustees at Baltimore Clayworks. Are these the qualities which make you proud to support your interim director?


  2. If the board truly wants to save BCW, they would have been working WITH us to do so, long before now. To ask for our $ with no conditions, so they have more time to find another buyer for both buildings, seems absurd. This is the very thing we oppose, and still on their agenda. That they have been so unwilling to consider other paths our of their financial morass speaks for itself.


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