Update to this post as of 6pm Wednesday 7/19: Baltimore Clayworks published information on times and procedures to retrieve your personal property. The details are published here: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Clayworks-Patrons–Pick-Up—Return-of-Artwork—Personal-Items.html?soid=1102424019745&aid=DYa3hnpVIxU

Since the Board announced it would pursue bankruptcy and closed the doors, many of us and many of you are unable to remove our personal property, including finished work and work in process, from the Baltimore Clayworks buildings. Kathy Holt’s Update message said the Board had decided “… to secure the buildings until further notice, very likely until a bankruptcy-court appointed trustee can manage the situation.”
Here is what we suggest you do:
A. Write an email to Mary Blair of Baltimore Clayworks Inc., with information on your property that you are unable to access. List fair market value or otherwise describe its value and importance to you. Ask for her to inform you of date and time when you can remove the property. (I suggest you not discuss anything else — your opinions on who’s right or wrong, what should and should not have happened, etc.). Provide your contact information so she may reply.
C. Please forward any reply you receive to clayworkscommunity.com.
Additionally, please consider attending a meeting with us on this Saturday, July 22, at 9:15am at the Randallstown branch of the Baltimore County Public Library (8604 Liberty Road Randallstown, Maryland 21133-4797 — in the shopping center at the northwest corner of Liberty Rd. and Old Court Rd.).
We will tell you what we know at that time and answer questions as best we can.
Many people continue to work behind the scenes to Save Baltimore Clayworks, and we appreciate your support in this difficult time.

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