What’s happening at the meeting on Saturday?

Many of you have written or phoned with questions about the bankruptcy announced by Clayworks, about what will happen when, about what might happen after bankruptcy is filed. We have been unable to answer because there is much we do not know and also due to the press of other demands this week, including working with Mary Blair to arrange for access to the buildings.
Although we have limited information about exactly what lays ahead, we wanted to make ourselves available for a face to face conversation if it would be helpful. So this meeting will be an opportunity to tell you what we know and what options might exist. We will answer your questions as best we can. In these uncertain times, it is sometimes just good to be together. We’ll be there. Please join us if you want to. 
Please know that any news or action steps we have to report on Saturday will also be shared via email and on our website. So if you cannot participate on Saturday morning, you will still be informed.
We continue to urge patience and calm as we keep working to Save Baltimore Clayworks.
Meeting details: Saturday 9:15 -11:00am, at Randallstown branch of Baltimore County Public Library, 8604 Liberty Rd (shopping center entrance just past Old Court Rd. Map here: https://goo.gl/maps/s1aBpw5eXJR2)

Procedures for this weekend’s access 

We appreciate that Mary Blair was able to arrange for access for students and artists to remove property and our work.. The time frames are described below.  This may be our only access opportunity — we just don’t know. It is in everyone’s best interest that this weekend goes smoothly and without incident or problems and that we help each other out as best we can. We know how to avoid problems, and we will.

We are trying to clarify the process as best we can. Be prepared with the necessary materials. 

  • You are expected to bring 2 copies of your list — what items you intend to pick up and remove. Be as specific as possible in terms of numbers, as we imagine that your list may be checked when you leave the building.
  • Bring boxes or containers. Bring newspapers, towels or other packing material that you will need. There will be no other supplies available.
  • Bring water, wear a hat and comfortable shoes. Current plans are to let 5 folks to be admitted at a time, so there could be a wait outside in the hot sun. 
  • If you are picking up for someone else, you will need to have their lists (2 copies) and a written statement authorizing you to get their belongings.
  • We’ll have volunteers who may be able to keep an eye on your property while you bring your car around.
  • The access times for the Studio/Classroom Building are: FRIDAY 5pm-8pm, SATURDAY 11am-7pm, SUNDAY 1pm-5pm.

Here is the link to the Clayworks email message: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Clayworks-Patrons–Pick-Up—Return-of-Artwork—Personal-Items.html?soid=1102424019745&aid=DYa3hnpVIxU

Volunteers Needed

If you are able to help out — some shifts are still open. We would like at least 2 volunteers per shift. Visit this link for more info, and please sign up if you can. Thanks. https://doodle.com/poll/xa5kqcxuhdfc6mxe

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