Dear Friends,

BCW_Grounds_2013 003As you know, the Baltimore Clayworks Inc. Board of Trustees has closed the doors, cancelled programs and announced intention to file for bankruptcy. The Clayworks Community Campaign is working hard with attorneys and civic leaders to identify a path forward that will reopen the doors of the Studio, begin the revival and introduce a new and improved version of our treasured organization.

197527_134132609991109_4284612_nWe need your support via financial contributions to Clayworks Community LLC. The funds will be held safely until you direct that they be transferred or used, or returned to you. The monies will not be used for any purpose without your express consent.

Please respond now by sending a check to: Clayworks Community LLC. Please include the Contribution Pledge Form (click here), which also includes wiring instructions and the mailing address. You may also complete the online pledge form at this link: Pledge Form & Mailing Info.

Thank you. Let’s SAVE Baltimore Clayworks!


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