We have heard the questions, “Why are you raising funds? I thought Baltimore Clayworks had closed.” Good opportunity for us to explain:

We are collecting pledges and monies because the Clayworks Community Campaign is continuing. Since the start of our Campaign (in February), the monies we raise are held safely until the contributor directs that they be used (in full or in part), transferred to another entity, or returned.

Although the Board has closed the doors of Baltimore Clayworks and proclaimed that they will petition for bankruptcy, the papers have not been filed (as of 7/30/17), and discussions continue involving the CCLLC funds (actually our donors’ funds in the CCLLC account). We are hoping that the funds will be needed and used to enable the Board to avoid bankruptcy and to fund reopened operations.

If that is unsuccessful and the Board files for bankruptcy, the Clayworks Community LLC will work on a plan to rescue the Studio Building and restore programming and reopen operations. There are many options and possibilities in that regard, and the likelihood includes creating a new non-profit organization. As always, the contributors will have the option to participate and/or request return of their funds.

It may be interesting to learn that since the Board closed the doors, the CCLLC has received additional contributions of nearly $30,000 and pledges of $160,000. Also since mid-July:

— our FB page followers went up from around 200 to over 300.
— 10 people have signed the petition (they had to find it on our website to do so).
— 1,000+ visitors have viewed our website, viewing an average 5 pages or posts each visit.

The large and diverse community of Clayworks supporters and the Baltimore public wants to see this happen — that the Studio/Classroom Building be reopened to welcome a return of programs and artists and students, and that the “renewed” Clayworks continue its commitment to community arts and to promoting the joy of clay.

People have been stepping up big-time to make it clear that this is what they seek. Please join us by supporting this efforts with whatever contribution you are willing and able to contribute.


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