Update to CommunityLast month the news headlines were about the doors closing at Baltimore Clayworks and plans to proceed to a bankruptcy filing. Because a bankruptcy filing could mean permanent closing, the Clayworks Community Campaign has worked to identify a different solution. With the help of several Baltimore arts leaders, we have made great progress.

While we hoped to have definite news and a reliable timeframe to report to you sooner, the steering committee wants you to know that we are making headway.

This is what’s happening:

  • Discussions have progressed involving attorneys representing the Board of Trustees and the Clayworks Community. They have reviewed and discussed specific plans and commitments needed in order to resolve the pressing financial issues and reset the organization onto a path to stability.
  • We believe the elements of a negotiated agreement are ready for Trustees and Community to consider.
  • You have supported this work by your response to an accelerated fund-raising effort.  The large community of Clayworks supporters has contributed funds and pledges totaling $350,000 to be used as soon as possible to bring accounts current and to reopen the organization that we all treasure.

As we move toward resolution, the steering committee of the Clayworks Community Campaign asks you to join us in positive persistence. Please continue to tell the Clayworks story, and continue to enlist donors who can help with the reorganizing efforts. Stay in touch with one another, with your teachers, with your favorite artists and with CLAY.

We are all volunteers who share in the love of Baltimore Clayworks and the values it represents. When it reopens its doors, YOU will make sure it is with stability, creativity, and joy.


Important Links:

Contributions: ReOpen Clayworks Fund

Website: clayworkscommunity.com

Facebook: @saveclayworks

Email: clayworkscommunity@gmail.com



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