We remain optimistic that we will soon be able to reopen, rescue and revive Baltimore Clayworks. Our wide community of supporters has consistently supported this effort and contributed over $300,000 to facilitate the rescue.

Delicate negotiations continue between lawyers who are trying to craft an agreement between the current Board and the Clayworks Community LLC. If an agreement is reached, negotiations will be completed soon. If no agreement is reached, the current Board has indicated that they will file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

During negotiations, each side is asked to be respectfully quiet to allow a fair process to take place. We learned earlier today that, without authorization of the Trustees, Devon Powell, the former interim ED, submitted an op-ed to the Sun that appears online today and will be in print Friday.  We wanted to give you a heads up. 

We want Baltimore Clayworks to live and thrive, and we believe the current Trustees are working with us to make this happen. 

At this moment our focus is to reach a settlement with the trustees that will begin the transition and facilitate the rescue and revival.  Though upsetting and confusing, the op-ed is inconsequential.  Our hope is that this moment of confusion will soon be overshadowed by the excitement and positive energy of news that Clayworks is alive and back in business.

We will keep you informed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Email: clayworkscommunity@gmail.com


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