Update for Supporters

We're taking a pause on sharing/posting supporters' messages online, so that the discussions between our respective representatives about the future of Baltmore Clayworks, Inc. may proceed without distraction. As always we appreciate your support and understanding. Please help by not sending additional messages to the Board members themselves. We will update you when we have … Continue reading Update for Supporters


Alternatives for clay work

While the doors are closed at Baltimore Clayworks, students and artists are searching for other locations to pursue their work with clay. We have compiled the following list for your convenience. The list includes opportunities and places in the Baltimore area, elsewhere in Maryland, in the Washington, D.C. area, and in Virginia and Pennsylvania locations … Continue reading Alternatives for clay work

Proposal To Save and Unify Baltimore Clayworks

Community Proposes Compromise Plan To Save Baltimore Clayworks The Community of Baltimore Clayworks supporters who have opposed the announced sale of two buildings in Mount Washington have proposed a compromise agreement to end the stalemate and return the organization to financial stability. The proposal calls for the nonprofit to retain ownership and continue operations in … Continue reading Proposal To Save and Unify Baltimore Clayworks

What Happened in Annapolis?

Following are links to presentation documents and a full video stream of the May 2 Capital Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee Briefing on Baltimore Clayworks: http://mgahouse.maryland.gov/mga/play/8d257676-123a-406b-90f7-e83fa080c76b/?catalog/03e481c7-8a42-4438-a7da-93ff74bdaa4c Delegates Sandy Rosenberg, Bilal Ali, Maggie McIntosh, Adrienne Jones, Angela Gibson, Shelly Hettleman and others asked probing questions of representatives from the Board of Trustees and the Clayworks Community … Continue reading What Happened in Annapolis?

Ask Me

You are sure to see familiar friends and fellow Clayworks supporters wearing these "Ask Me About the Community Campaign" badges. Click on the badge above, or here (VIGIL Handout-2 042217), to see what we have to say. What do you think?

Time To Step Up

It’s time to show your love. Please make your pledge to SAVE Baltimore Clayworks. Generous donors have contributed over $120,000 to get us started. Please do whatever you can to help. Your monies will be held in an escrow account while we pursue the goals of this Campaign. Click on the PLEDGE button for more information, and for … Continue reading Time To Step Up