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76 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. The Board Chair stated to the Baltimore Sun that even after the sale of all assets that there would not be enough money left over to revive Clayworks. Is that because of the legal and accounting fees? This means that they must transfer the leftover money to a different non-profit if they have no plans to create a new Clayworks. Should we be trying to create our own separate non-profit organization where we can choose new board members and find a way to get the leftover monies if they decide to continue filing for bankruptcy?

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  2. The steering committee, community and others are doing everything they can to forestall bankruptcy, including a proposal to provide $200,000 in cash relief and add members to the Board to make appropriate decisions. Those would include bringing capable people on board and identifying best ways to reorganize. To date, the Board has declined, closed the doors without notice, denied access, and cancelled classes and camps. They have announced they will file for bankruptcy, but the filing is not done. Several important people are working to persuade them to hold off and work together. I just do not understand why two groups with a said common goal can not at least sit down to try to come to a mutual understanding. Isn’t this something we learned in kindergarten? What happened with the mediation plan? Please, let’s stop the negative energy, compromise and work together. Don’t we all want to SAVE CLAYWORKS?


  3. Watch Trevor Noah’s show about the Senate’s “secret health care bill”. No public hearings, no sharing of content, but an open invitation for Democrats to join them. Hmmm.


  4. Fellow Save Clayworks people: if you have not done so already you should read the White Paper and Press Release posted on the Baltimore Clayworks website. I have just read them and feel saddened and sickened by what was written.

    The comments where Devon Powell targets and calls out by name Deb Bedwell, Marsha Smelkinson and Rima Semaan are vicious and vile. I am not a lawyer but it seems that Devon and the Board could be subject to a libel or slander suit for publicly and unfairly defaming those individuals.

    Perhaps Devon and the Board should have focused more on helping Baltimore Clayworks instead of wasting so much time and energy on demonizing the Save Clayworks campaign.

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