Proposal To Save and Unify Baltimore Clayworks

Community Proposes Compromise Plan To Save Baltimore Clayworks The Community of Baltimore Clayworks supporters who have opposed the announced sale of two buildings in Mount Washington have proposed a compromise agreement to end the stalemate and return the organization to financial stability. The proposal calls for the nonprofit to retain ownership and continue operations in … Continue reading Proposal To Save and Unify Baltimore Clayworks

Deborah Bedwll

About Finances: The Truth

"I don't know what to believe!" writes a Clayworks student and petition signer. That's understandable. Questioned at the May 2 hearing in Annapolis, the administration's representatives left many questions unanswered and listeners skeptical.  What follows is a detailed account of the financial history of Baltimore Clayworks by Deb Bedwell, who knows the truth. Please read it and decide … Continue reading About Finances: The Truth

We want to “mediate”

Following is the message sent Tuesday to the facilitators at Maryland Nonprofits, Inc. expressing our hopes that the opportunity for dialogue will not be abandoned: From Sue Patz of the Clayworks Community Campaign: I am following up on our phone conversation yesterday, Monday afternoon (5/22).  Understanding that this is a confusing situation and none of us knows … Continue reading We want to “mediate”

Some Q&A

Why is there no hot water in the Studio Building? The hot water heater died during the week of May 8. Last week members of the Clayworks Campaign (individual students) took up a collection to pay for a new hot water heater to be purchased and installed.We offered to pay the vendor(s) directly. Staff asked … Continue reading Some Q&A